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Harry Styles out for lunch 

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Chicago, 30/08/14

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Aug 5

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cant tell if this is the hottest or the cutest thing ive ever seen dam


Who We Are - Full Book

I uploaded the book if you want to read it, please credit if you use thanks!

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“I’ll never see myself as a celebrity. That’s someone who wants to be a celebrity, who’s seen everywhere and gets papped every day of the week. You can stay away from the paparazzi — I’ve done it for the last four years. You either want to be papped or you don’t. I go and do my job, go home, then mostly sit in my house. I don’t go on many holidays; I prefer to sit in my house, mostly. I might go to the pub, have a few pints and watch the football whenever I can — pretty much the same thing I’d have done if I was at college back home.”

Niall, Who We Are. x (via kryptoniall)



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“A couple of nights before the Olympics, my girlfriend was dyeing her hair peroxide blonde and I just said, ‘It will be funny to shove a bit of blond in my hair at the front!’ So I just did it for a bit of a laugh and made this big massive blond streak. Then I realised the Olympics in a couple days and I was like, ‘What am I gonna do?!’ I tried to style it out but it wasn’t happening, so in the end I just left it. Part of me was singing on that truck and thinking, I hope people don’t cuss me for this blond streak! Turned out people liked it. Then, bizarrely, Marvel Comics said that my look had inspired the new version of Ghost Rider. The blond streak is the fire that ignites from him, which is mad. I’m a big comic book fan - when I was a kid I was pretty geeky about all that. Obviously, I also have my ‘Zap!’ tattoo on my forearm, so when I heard about the new Ghost Rider that was pretty cool. I’ve since been to the Marvel Studios, which was an amazing experience.”

zayn malik, who we are autobiography (via intoxicatemezm)


does zayn really know and understand how much everyone loves him because i’m getting ready to douse my self in kerosene and set myself on fire just from reading all of this overwhelming adoration that isn’t even aimed at me so like does zayn………………REALLY…………..K N O W

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“Louis: I never really saw my current obsession with songwriting developing. I always liked the idea of writing but it kinda just happened. Generally I tend to write a lot with Liam. Liam: Everyone is different - you just have to go with what works for you individually. Song…

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